Elements Wellness Uri Flush-3 Plus Tablets 60 Tabs
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Elements Wellness Uri Flush-3 Plus Tablets 60 Tabs

Elements Wellness Uri Flush-3 Plus Tablets 60 Tabs

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The herbs in Elements Wellness Uri flush-3 help dissolve most of the major urinary stone over time with regular
usage.They also have a diuretic action that helps a smooth flow of urine and helps flush out stones faster from the urinary tract over time. The novel combination also helps in keeping the urinary tract free from microbial infection and helps prevent further formation of stones
Prevent formation of stones in the kidneys or ureters in those customers who are susceptible for such stone formation
Help reduce the size of stones of all types if already formed in the kidneys or ureters Promotes slow but effective reduction in the size of stones of all types and help them to be flushed out through the urineRelief from pain in the abdomen and low back normally feltdue to kidney stonesPromote increased output of urination to maintain urinary
health. Provide relief from infection of the ureters and urinarytracts..
Gokhru {Tribulus terrestris), Punarnava {Boerhaavia diffusa), Pashanabhed {Rotula Aquatica), Shallaki {Boswellia serrata Gumoleoresin), Mountain knot grass, {Aerva lanata), Mulethi {Glycyrrhiza glabra), Kulathi, {Macrotyloma uniforum), Haridra {Curcuma longa), Shuddha Shilajit {Asphaltum), Guduchi {Tinospora, cordifolia), Ajwain {Trachyspermum ammi)
Novel combination of herbs that are shown to promote urination, help dissolve stones, help dislodge stones and
move them to bladder, reduce inflammation, and provide anti - infective activity..

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