VWash Plus Intimate Hygiene Wipes 10'S

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VWash Plus is an expert intimate hygiene solution which empowers consumers with the right hygiene regime for vaginal care & helps them in following the ideal vaginal hygiene steps to prevent any discomfort and minimize risk of vaginal infection. Its unique formula of Lactic Acid and anti-irritant oils enables maintain the ideal vaginal pH of 3.5 to 4.5 which cannot be maintained by either soap(pH>8) or water(pH=7). This product is for all women from 15 to 55 years, and is available for all occasions: daily use during bathing (100ml and 200ml liquid wash), out-of-home usage (wipes and travel pack) and first time trial pack (20ml liquid wash).
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Manufacturer Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Prescription Required No
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